The trusted HEMA experience gets a modern, omni-channel touch

Unbeatable in part of everyday life, typically Dutch and sustainable

Today, HEMA CEO Saskia Egas Reparaz presented the new strategy that will bring HEMA back to its customers' everyday lives in a typically Dutch way. The key points of this strategy are: 
- Investment in omni-channel approach in own shops and own digital channels
- Focus on unique products that last longer and are sustainable 
- Expansion of strategic cooperation with Jumbo


A better everyday life means that HEMA is always nearby for the customer. HEMA has a strong network of company-owned and franchised shops in its core countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Additional investments will be made in the shops to enhance the shopping experience and ease of shopping. The digital channels will be further developed at an accelerated pace to create a seamless connection with the shops. The omni-channel approach is also being invested in the growth markets of Germany and Austria.


With its 750 shops and 19,000 employees, HEMA offers 32,000 products and services. HEMA will focus on sustainable quality, recognisable Dutch design and a good price for these products and services. The collaboration with Jumbo will be further expanded. In addition to the HEMA shelves in the Jumbo shops in the Netherlands and Belgium, we will soon start the first pilots in which new food concepts will be tested within HEMA together with Jumbo.


CEO Saskia Egas Reparaz: "In our mission to make everyday life better and the world a bit more beautiful, HEMA focuses on durable goods that last longer and thus, together with our customers, we are helping to reduce the CO2 footprint. In doing so, we are increasingly moving away from the disposable society. We continue to opt for products that are recognisable by their typical Dutch design, that are produced sustainably and that are affordable for everyone. In short, HEMA will once again do what it has always been good at, in a way that reflects the spirit of the times. 


Thanks to the new owners, HEMA is once again financially healthy. Now it' s time to work on the future. And we will start immediately! HEMA will be HEMA again, and in the coming weeks, people will notice that. With the holidays just around the corner, we're going to give our customers the familiar HEMA feeling again, with an eye for tradition and innovation."

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