HEMA is proud of the strong brand that it has build over the many years of its existence and handles this strong brand with care. HEMA has therefore come to clear agreements regarding the use of the HEMA brand, logo and footage of well known HEMA products like for example the HEMA sausage, Jip & Janneke articles or the "Le lapin" kettle. HEMA does not allow any of her intellectual property rights to be reproduced or published by third parties without explicit permission from HEMA beforehand.


HEMA would therefore like to request anyone, who would like to use the HEMA brand, logo or any other intellectual property of HEMA, to contact the Corporate Communication department of HEMA before doing so. HEMA will carefully asses each request and decide if it will grant permission. If HEMA decides against granting permission and the intellectual property of HEMA is used nonetheless, HEMA will retain its right to take legal action. The consequential costs will be recharged to the relevant third party. The use of intellectual property from HEMA for commercial purposes is not allowed in any situation unless HEMA has granted its explicit permission.


for further inquiries please contact:

Corporate Communication 
NDSM-straat 10
1033 SB Amsterdam
telephone: +31 (0)20 - 311 4411


The information on this website, including footage, illustrations, graphics, logos, etcetera are part of the intellectual property of HEMA as well and hence are protected by law. The ownership of the intellectual property of HEMA is not transferred in any way by granting access to this website.