Human rights policy documents

HEMA works with suppliers to design and produce good products that last longer. In addition, an important part of our policy is to continuously improve working conditions. We therefore closely monitor our production sites and work with a number of policy documents to comply with our development approach at all production sites in high-risk countries.


Code of conduct

Our success depends on our customers. Therefore, HEMA does its utmost to meet or exceed customer requirements. HEMA offers its customers good service and appreciates receiving feedback, suggestions and recommendations. The associated rules of behaviour can be found in our ‘Code of Conduct’.



HEMA has been a member of Amfori since 2003. After having worked together for a year, we ask  factories in high-risk countries to plan a BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) audit. If a production site in a high-risk country already has a valid SA8000 certificate at the start of our collaboration, we applaud the production site's commitment and they are exempted from our initial human rights and environmental impact audit.{1]


Complaint mechanism

We are working on external complaint mechanisms so that workers in the supply chain can report abuses through external channels. After a successful pilot, Amfori will roll out the Speak for Change programme as from 2023 and HEMA is working +with suppliers to align with this. 


In addition, HEMA has been a signatory to the International Accord (previously the Bangladesh Accord) since 2013 and the Pakistan Accord since 2023.