sustainability & CSR

HEMA duurzaamheid



HEMA makes fantastic products that are right for today and right for tomorrow. We make and sell our products with love and care. From the drawing table to the checkout counter, our products reflect our expertise and craftsmanship. The result is an extensive range of trusted products that you use again and again and become attached to. Products that combine old traditions and modern trends. Products that you grew up with and your children are growing up with too. Products that are ready for tomorrow and help our customers reduce their environmental footprint. 

a more beautiful world 
For HEMA, a more beautiful world is one where everyone in society can participate. We are actively working to accomplish this with accessible stores where everyone can shop in comfort and a product range that is suitable for as many people as possible. Our clothes range is suitable for everyone: fat, thin, tall or short. Our food range has many options: including vegan and gluten-free. A better world also means moving away from being a throwaway society by helping our customers live a more sustainable daily life. That is why we do our best to ensure that our products are always of better quality so that they last longer. 

Many customers still find sustainability challenging or believe that more sustainable products cost more. We are showing our customers that this is not necessarily the case. We are also providing information in our stores, online and on our products about how customers can make products last longer. And, when a product eventually needs to be replaced, we give customers information about how it can be recycled or even given a second life. 



33491911_01_001_TIFeveryday products 
HEMA is the place to shop for all the everyday items you need often. Our products feature distinctive Dutch Design and are made with love. This makes them the best products in their price range and makes choosing HEMA easy. And, very importantly, our products last longer because we design them to last longer. For example, our trousers that can be lengthened by one size and our adjustable baby romper with two sets of buttons so they can grow with your baby. Products that last longer are better for the world and better for our customers’ budgets. Above all, our products are so attractive that you want to keep them and use them longer. 


Of course, we also look at our entire production chain and, where necessary, we take responsibility ecologically and socially. This includes using certified materials and resources to make our products. By carrying out regular inspections, we ensure that we comply with internationally recognised standards that are aimed at continuous improvement together with our suppliers. We are also part of (inter)national alliances, such as NGA (New Generation Agreement) and the International Accord in Bangladesh. We analyse our chains to identify specific risks and focus on approaches that align with HEMA, such as reducing CO2 emissions and strengthening the position and representation of workers in the chain.