ontwerpers op het HEMA kantoorSince our founding in 1926, HEMA has remained faithful to our basic principles. Our products are more practical, more attractive and simply better. They are good quality and affordably priced. We develop all our products ourselves: from towels to baby rompers and from make-up to rainwear. Our products are right for today and right for tomorrow. This is how we realise our shared passion: making everyday life better in a more beautiful world. This passion is reflected in our modern and extensive range of more than 30,000 products and services. 



truly HEMA 
HEMA is the place to shop for all the everyday items you need often. Our products feature distinctive Dutch Design and are made with love. This makes them the best products in their price range and makes choosing HEMA easy. We focus on essentials: at HEMA, you can find all the things you need and nothing you don’t need. And, very importantly, our products last longer because we design them to last longer. For example, our trousers that can be lengthened by one size and our adjustable baby romper with two sets of buttons so they can grow with your baby. Products that last longer are better for the world and better for our customers’ budgets. Above all, our products are so attractive that you want to use them for as long as possible. 




HEMA inkoopkantoor in AziëIn our shops, you will find fashion and accessories, underwear, household items, kitchen utensils, household products, bed linen, beauty and care products, office supplies, study materials, gifts, drinks and snacks, a photo service, as well as insurance and gift cards. In some shops you will also find a restaurant - the HEMA kitchen, where, among other things, you can have breakfast, lunch, a snack or even a nice cup of coffee or tea with something sweet. 

More than 300 million items per year pass through our distribution centres on the way to our customers. Our products are produced in more than 500 different factories and supplied by approximately 150 suppliers. HEMA has buying offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Bangladesh. 


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