HEMA reaches agreement with BACU regarding intended sale of HEMA bakeries

Amsterdam, 24 November 2021 - HEMA has agreed to sell its bakeries to BACU, the Uden-based supplier of bread, pastries and bread specialities. BACU supplies bread and pastries to Jumbo Supermarkets and will also supply to HEMA in the future. For the customer, nothing however will change: all HEMA pastries, cakes, flans and also the tompouces will continue to be prepared by the same employees, in the same bakeries and according to the same recipe, exclusively for HEMA. BACU will take over the central bakery in Almere and the decentralised bakeries in Almere, Sneek, Zwolle, Doetinchem, Dordrecht and Helmond, which all produce for their respective regions. The 250 employees of the HEMA bakeries will also be included in the takeover and will retain their jobs.


The sale is part of the strategic focus that HEMA will be implementing in the coming years. The bakeries will remain closely associated with the HEMA brand as suppliers. This will allow the craftsmanship of the bakeries to be put to better use and will enable HEMA to focus even more on selling the products.


Saskia Egas Reparaz, HEMA CEO: "We are looking forward to working with BACU to strengthen the pastry craft. With this, we will continue to surprise and delight the HEMA customer today and tomorrow with the most delicious pastries in the Netherlands."


The cooperation with JUMBO Supermarkets regarding food is further strengthened by the new partnership, while both companies continue to carry their own products. By combining forces, the largest (pastry) bakery in the Netherlands is created. At the time of the acquisition of HEMA by Parcom and Mississippi Ventures, Jumbo provided a loan of 50 million, with the bakeries serving as collateral. As part of the transaction with BACU, this loan will now be repaid. Further financial details will not be disclosed.


BACU is a family business that has been around for more than 100 years. Since 1903, BACU has grown into a large industrial bakery company where about 550 employees work daily to supply 700 shops with bread and pastries. BACU will have two business units in the future: BU HEMA and BU Jumbo. Both business units are independently responsible for commerce, operations and product development and will bake their own products. "We are proud to welcome the HEMA bakeries to BACU. A step that will certainly bring us, our people and our clients many great things" said Thijs and Jan Aldenhuijsen, directors of BACU

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